Using Vacuum Cleaner Hose to ‘Suck’ Out the Menstrual Blood to End Periods Sooner Is the New Dangerous Trend; Here’s Why It’s a Stupid Idea!

By | June 9, 2019
Using Vacuum Cleaner Hose to ‘Suck’ Out the Menstrual Blood to End Periods Sooner Is the New Dangerous Trend; Here’s Why It’s a Stupid Idea!

Using vacuum to clear periods soon (Photo Credits: File photo)

It is 2019, and while we expected to have flying cars around us, what we have are advisories circulating for some women to not insert weird and dangerous stuff into their vaginas. After the viral trend of inserting parsley into the vagina to induce periods early, women are apparently now using vacuum cleaners inside the vagina, literally trying ‘suck’ periods out so that it ends early. Some women legit thought that it was okay to use a vacuum, the ones used to clean the house, to suck out the period blood so that it ended sooner. Now, as bizarre as it sounds, the case doesn’t seem like to be a joke, although we wish it was one. It started when a woman who claims to be a nurse tweeted about her concern that women were using vacuum hoses to suck out their period blood. Her tweet read: “Ladies…please stop using your vacuum hose to end your period early,” she wrote. “You’re gonna wind up sucking out a lot more than blood! There were 2 cases of this so far this week, and both women had to be admitted. Just…STOP!” Putting Garlic into Vagina to ‘Cure’ Yeast Infection is a BAD Idea Says this Doctor, Here’s What You Should Know.

Take a look at the tweet:

The tweet even received a response from the famous gynaecologist, sexpert, Dr Jennifer Gunter who is popular for busting such myths related to women’s health. She asked if it was done in an attempt to carry out an at-home abortion.

Read Dr Jennifer Gunter’s tweet:

Why Vacuum Cleaner to Clear Periods Early Is a Big No-No?

While it is strange why such an idea would pop up in the first place, it is important to spread awareness that the “hack” of cleaning out period blood using vacuum cleaner is the worst thing you can do to yourself.  Such an action can immediately send you to a shock or trauma, moreover, also leave you at the risk of infection. Not only that, depending on the intensity of the vacuum cleaner you are at the risk of puncturing your uterus, and injuring your private part badly. Apart from a vaginal laceration(tears or injury in the vagina or in the skin and muscle around the vaginal opening), such an act can cause permanent damage to the cervix and leave you with life-threatening infection from the germs on the hose. If you are doing this out of frustration of having a heavy period, you must look into for underlying health issues you could be at the risk of. There is a possibility that you may have endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, or may be cervical cancer. You will only make situations worse for you if you use a vacuum to suck out your period blood.

This cannot be stressed enough but periods or menstrual blood isn’t dirty and each woman has her own system and period cycle duration. It’s absolutely natural to have your periods last anywhere from 3-5 days. Unless you see a drastic change in your period cycle or duration, you don’t need to worry about it. And if at all anything is bothering you, please visit a GP or Gynaecologist immediately and refrain from trying out such at-home hacks.

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