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Bonding Problems Emerge Early and Persist Across the First Year of Life

A mother’s emotional relationship with her baby begins during her pregnancy.  After her baby is born, the mother’s feelings about her baby, described as bonding, typically grow and intensify and become the foundation of the mother’s relationship with her child. Postpartum depression can profoundly affect how a mother interacts with her child and is a… Read More »

New Year 2020 Resolutions: Mental Health Resolutions You Should Set for Yourself

Image For Representational Purpose Only (Photo Credits: PxHere) We have finally entered the last lap of 2019, and it’s once again time for our timelines to be flooded with Christmas Parties, New Year Resolutions and of course. the usual Holiday season pictures. Whether you are a stickler for the New Year, New Me ideology or… Read More »

Mother with L-cup breasts whose gone up FOUR bra sizes in last year is having reduction surgery

Mother with L-cup breasts whose gone up FOUR bra sizes in the last year is undergoing a reduction surgery – and says she’ll donate her tissue to cancer patients who’ve had a mastectomy Alice Whiskin, 26, from Dartford, says they have affected her mental health Her now large breasts have grown from a size H… Read More »