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Real reason keto diet doesn’t work

The popular ketogenic diet boasts health benefits and rapid fat loss, but new research suggests that it might not be the best for the long term. With its cult-like following and wellbeing advantages, the ketogenic diet has been at the forefront of the health community and health news in recent years. Celebrities like Halle Berry,… Read More »

How To Implement A Healthy Diet At Work

When tasks start piling up and your to-do list seems never ending, it can be easy to simply grab some sugary snacks to munch on and buy something fast for lunch. Or, even worse, not eat anything at all! Having healthy eating habits at work is an essential part of not only maintaining a healthy… Read More »

Litigation prompts Indiana to drop Medicaid work requirement for now

Dive Brief: Indiana has suspended its work requirements for Medicaid enrollment, little more than a month after a lawsuit was filed challenging the rules. As a result, enrollees who were in danger of losing their Medicaid coverage in January will retain their benefits. However, state officials are still encouraging enrollees to submit work data so… Read More »