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Geisinger surgical redesign seeks to reduce opioid use

On the heels of a successful pilot test last year, Geisinger Health in Pennsylvania is implementing an enterprise-wide surgical redesign program to decrease the use of opioids. In June 2017, Geisinger launched a pilot test called ProvenRecovery, a surgical redesign initiative to expedite healing, improve pain management and reduce opioid use. During the pilot, Geisinger… Read More »

Rhinoplasty – A Surgical Procedure to Improve Nasal Contour

Nowadays, with advanced plastic surgery, it is possible to enhance facial features and become more attractive. Problems related to function can also be rectified, apart from appearance enhancement. One such procedure is the nose job, which is technically known as rhinoplasty. Both cosmetic as well as functional purposes can be served with this procedure. The… Read More »