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Thinking about changing jobs? Here’s what physicians should consider.

A large percentage of doctors end up switching jobs within the first five years of practice.  This really isn’t surprising given that the medical training experience doesn’t necessarily correlate with the medical practice experience. Many doctors work hard throughout their entire training only to realize that their expectations do not necessarily align with reality.  Is… Read More »

Drug Pricing Should Reflect Value, Not Recoupment Of Investment

Leonard S. Schleifer, president and chief executive officer of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc., speaks during the Bloomberg “Focus on Pharma” event in New York City on June 29, 2016. Schleifer discussed the need for the pharmaceutical industry to do a better job explaining the value proposition of products they bring out and the need to price… Read More »

6 reasons journalists should just say no to Mayo Clinic’s latest journalism ‘residency’ program

The Mayo Clinic’s Jacksonville campus will host a journalism “residency.” Craving a trip to Florida in February? If you’re a journalist, the Mayo Clinic has you covered. Once again Mayo is extending an offer to educate health care journalists, this time with what it’s calling a “residency” scheduled for Feb. 24-28 at the Mayo Clinic… Read More »