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New Microsoft Report Claims U.K. Is Behind The Rest Of The World On AI

Organizations currently using AI outperform those that don’t by 11.5%. Despite this, only 24% have … [+] an AI strategy in place. Getty A new report, unveiled October 1 by Microsoft UK, claims that British organizations risk being overtaken by their global counterparts unless the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is accelerated.  The report, conducted by YouGov… Read More »

4 Things You Must Do If You Have Form 2 Suffering from diabetes issues and Rest Apnea!

An escalating number of snoring individuals experience with type 2 diabetes. Analysis shows these two apparently different conditions have a close relationship, therefore it should be no surprise. Sleep Sleep apnea and Suffering from diabetes issues, often reach obese persons, although not everyone who has apneas or has diabetes is obese. Doctors agree that, both… Read More »