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Medical News Today: Increased muscle power may prolong life

Increasing muscle strength is good, but increasing muscle power may be even better for enjoying a longer life, according to a recent study. Increased muscle power can improve longevity, new research suggests. Professor Claudio Gil Araújo, who is the director of research and education at Exercise Medicine Clinic — CLINIMEX in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,… Read More »

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Prep Yourself For Power With This Full-Body Superhero Move

Don Saladino/Men’s Health Composite Every superhero has an origin story — and like them, you won’t be able to just throw heavy weights around if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey to build a comic book movie physique. PowerBlock Elite Set Dumbell No matter who you are, you should start out slow when… Read More »

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Memory Enhancing Supplements, Boost Brain Power Posted By : James Nicolas

Ability to memorize is fascinating function of human brain, normal human life is just not possible if a person is unable to remember or recall, even weakness in memory can make anyone’s life miserable and terrible. It works in three important steps, firstly it keeps on gathering what humans hear, see and feel, and more… Read More »

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