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‘Ditch the Disk’ group of tech execs is spurring the medical industry to move on from CD-ROMs

Ashwini Zenooz, a radiologist and Salesforce SVP Ashwini Zenooz Most of us can agree that CD-ROMs are a thing of the past. Unless you’re in the health-care sector. Salesforce’s chief medical officer Ashwini Zenooz is a radiologist with an ancient computer at home that she keeps around because it still has a disk drive. In… Read More »

Maintaining Hygiene After You Move

The involvement in a home relocation requires one to be selfless of his personal hygiene, at least for a while. So many dirty things that haven’t been touched or moved for years are suddenly moved around all at once. Getting dirty is unavoidable. The closest thing to proper protection are the work clothes that each… Read More »