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Social distancing may be needed for ‘most of year’

Social distancing would be needed for “at least half of the year” to stop intensive care units being overwhelmed, according to the government’s scientific advisers. The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) recommended alternating between more and less strict measures for most of a year. Strict measures include school closures and social distancing for everyone.… Read More »

Most Tap Water Is a Toxic Soup of Chemicals

Discussion of the safety of tap water often only occurs when an immediate threat is identified like the lead crisis in Flint, Michigan,1 and ongoing Legionella outbreaks.2 But the state of U.S. tap water, whether from wells or municipal water systems, is very concerning even when it is not in the news. Just because tap… Read More »

Most obese Aussie suburbs named

Wealthy city suburbs have the least obese residents while those living in the country are much more likely to be packing on the kilograms, new data has revealed. More than 42 per cent of the population — that’s at least four in 10 people — in Wellington, Lachlan, Forbes and Blayney in regional NSW is… Read More »

Construction to start on “one of the most ambitious affordable housing projects in the world”

Vice-President says project will “enable working Ghanaians…to purchase a home”. First 6,500 of 200,000 affordable and sustainable homes to be built in Ghana’s capital Accra. Part of UNOPS Social Impact Investing Initiative which will deliver more than 800,000 affordable homes in five countries. Site in Amasaman, near Accra, to include school, medical centre, shops and… Read More »