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Medical News Today: How safe are e-cigarettes? The debate continues

A recent clinical review has now summarized the latest evidence concerning the use of e-cigarettes as aids to smoking cessation. A new review weighs up the benefits and health risks of vaping. Do electronic cigarettes cause less harm than smoking, and will they help me quit? These are the key questions that people who smoke… Read More »

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Medical News Today: Are we facing a Parkinson's pandemic?

According to one new study paper, evidence is emerging that Parkinson’s disease is becoming a pandemic. The authors discuss their concerns and the challenges ahead. Parkinson’s is on the rise, but can we slow its march? Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative condition. Primarily affecting the motor regions of the central nervous system, symptoms tend to… Read More »

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Medical News Today: How can a vegan diet improve your health?

In a recent study, researchers have compared the effects of a plant-based meal with those of a meal that includes animal-derived products on a person’s health. The study concludes that vegan meals may help a person stay healthy and manage weight gain. New research shows how plant-based meals contribute to your health. In the United… Read More »

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