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These Are The Chicest Reusable Coffee Cups You Need In Your Life

They’ve been around for ages (and if you haven’t already bought one, the environmental Gods are bestowing a permanent frown upon you until you do), but the makers of reusable coffee cups are definitely getting way more inventive with their designs lately. Have you noticed? From colourful glass to ceramic and hand-painted, there’s something for everyone in… Read More »

As the Ball Dropped, Our Life Fell Apart

Six years ago, on a frigid New Year’s Eve, my teenage daughter and I, along with our two cats, became homeless. Just before midnight, we closed the door to what had been our home for six years and headed out into the night. This was in Middleton, Wis., just west of Madison. While others had… Read More »

Bonding Problems Emerge Early and Persist Across the First Year of Life

A mother’s emotional relationship with her baby begins during her pregnancy.  After her baby is born, the mother’s feelings about her baby, described as bonding, typically grow and intensify and become the foundation of the mother’s relationship with her child. Postpartum depression can profoundly affect how a mother interacts with her child and is a… Read More »

My So-Karen Life

ImageCredit…Illustration by Saehan Park While everyone is complaining about boomers, Gen Z doesn’t want you to forget to complain about Generation X, the other generation that’s significantly older than them that also sucks. This sucking is embodied by the name Karen, the young people have noticed — middle-aged white moms who are always asking for… Read More »