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Research shows hair dye and straighteners increase risk of breast cancer in Black women

Adobe Stock Images A study has sparked concerns about how permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners affects the safety of African American women. The study was recently published in the International Journal of Cancer. Past research has found a connection in the chemicals of hair dye and straighteners with cancer. However, when tested within… Read More »

Miley Cyrus Just Cut Her Hair Into a Modern Mullet, and Fans Are Attacking Her Hairdresser For It

Miley Cyrus just got her hair cut into a modern mullet. Fans are pissed at Miley’s hairdresser for the haircut even though she didn’t perform the cut in the first place! If for some reason you thought that it’s too late to give you hair a fresh new change, you totally thought wrong, my friend!… Read More »

This Is How Bad It Is to Sleep with Wet Hair

It’s time to reconsider hopping into bed with soaking wet hair. iStock/centralitalliance At the end of a long day, it’s all too easy to take a hot shower, throw on some pajamas, brush your teeth, and then jump into bed. But have you ever stopped to think about the risks of sleeping with wet hair?… Read More »