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Healthy eating – What this Instagram fitness legend eats in a day

Want healthy eating inspiration? Healthista quizzed fitness legend Laura ‘Biceps’ Hoggins on her daily healthy eating hacks [embedded content] Laura Hoggins, better known by her nickname and Instagram handle @laurabiceps, is a personal trainer, podcast host and founder of London fitness community Lifted. Hoggins is also Head of Brand and coach at The Foundry Gym in London.… Read More »

Health Tip: Risk Factors for Eating Disorders

News Consumer News Health Tip: Risk Factors for Eating Disorders — Eating disorders can develop among people with a combination of psychological, social and genetic factors, says the National Eating Disorders Collaboration. The collaboration mentions these risk factors for eating disorders: Low self-esteem, or perfectionism. Overvaluing body image in defining self-worth. Stress, depression and trauma.… Read More »