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John Cena Announces $500k Donation for California’s First Responders

More than a dozen fires are currently threatening California. John Cena recently shared on social media that he would donate money to help the firefighters battling the blaze. Cena plays a firefighter in an upcoming film. John Cena has announced that he is going to donate $ 500,000 to help those that are currently fighting… Read More »

The First Treatise On Nose Surgery Posted By : Jhon Cena

Rhinoplasty is often believed to be a modern medical development; however, various historical facts indicate that the first rhinoplasty procedures were performed thousands of years ago, in ancient India. The ‘Sushruta Samhita’ is a medical treatise written in around 600 BC, which explained a traditional procedure for performing reconstructive nose surgery. It was written by… Read More »