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Shovel That Snow, but Spare Your Back

News Consumer News Shovel That Snow, but Spare Your Back SATURDAY, Feb. 1, 2020 — Almost everyone gets stuck shoveling snow at some point during the winter. To prevent back pain and strain, one spinal expert has some advice. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Srinivasu Kusuma, from the University of Chicago Medicine Medical Group, noted it’s all… Read More »

Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Tackle a Back Full Of Crusty, ‘Dried Up’ Blackheads

Photo by cuellarGetty Images In a new Instagram video, Dr. Pimple Popper skillfully removes several blackheads speckled across a patient’s back. Dr. Lee uses an extractor to push down on the skin, satisfyingly freeing debris from the clogged pores. Blackheads, or open comedos, are are filled with dead skin cells and oil, often referred to… Read More »

Utah grandfather who has played Santa for 40 years gets his hearing back

Utah grandfather who’s played Santa Claus for 40 years can finally hear children’s Christmas wishes again after getting life-changing ear implant Mark Woodmansee of Provo, Utah, started playing Santa at 16  Almost 20 years ago, while dating his wife, she noticed he didn’t always hear her By 2016, Woodmansee was completely deaf in his left… Read More »

Epidural stuck in young mom’s back during childbirth, leaving her in ‘agonizing pain’ for days

Pixabay An 18-year-old Florida mother is currently recovering from a medical incident that left her in “agonizing pain” after an epidural was left stuck in her back for four days before it was eventually removed. Doctors at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Fla., were unable to remove the epidural from Selena Gray’s back after she… Read More »