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Cleveland Clinic Opens First Food Allergy Center in Northern Ohio – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic has opened the first food allergy center in northern Ohio. The Cleveland Clinic Food Allergy Center of Excellence (FACE) will offer comprehensive, individualized care to adult and pediatric patients with food allergies. The center features a multidisciplinary team consisting of allergists, pediatric psychologists and registered dieticians who work collaboratively to prevent, diagnose, study… Read More »

Are microbes causing your milk allergy? – The Conversation – US

In the past 30 years, food allergies have become increasingly common in the United States. Changes to human genetics can’t explain the sudden rise. That is because it takes many generations for changes to spread that widely within a population. Perhaps the explanation lies in changes to our environment, particularly our internal environment. Shifting lifestyle… Read More »

Boy with fish allergy dies after smelling fish cooking at New Year's Day gathering – WDJT

(CBS News) — Authorities in New York City were investigating whether the smell of fish being cooked at a family’s New Year’s Day gathering led to the death of an 11-year-old boy. Camron Jean-Pierre, whose father said was allergic to fish, died after being rushed to a hospital in Brooklyn, the New York Police Department… Read More »