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Opening Medicare to Americans aged 50 to 64 would cut their insurance costs, RAND finds

Opening Medicare to Americans aged 50 to 64 would lower healthcare premiums for the group, but also drive up costs for younger people who buy health insurance on exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act, according to a new RAND Corporation study. Under most scenarios examined, the premium to buy into Medicare would be about… Read More »

Aged care CEO chokes up over man’s abuse

The chief at one of Australia’s biggest aged care providers has choked up at a royal commission while apologising after a carer was caught on camera abusing a man, but denies there is a systemic problem. Noleen Hausler used a hidden camera to expose the abuse of her bedridden father in 2015 at Mitcham Residential… Read More »

Middle Aged Stress Associated With Smaller Brain Size And Poor Memory

Research has found that middle-aged individuals in their forties and fifties with elevated cortisol levels, a hormone associated with stress, perform worse on cognitive and memory tasks compared to individuals of the same age who have average levels of cortisol. Elevated blood cortisol levels were also linked to smaller brain volumes. One factor that’s getting… Read More »