Why People Think Are A Good Idea

Things to Have In Mind When Finding the Best Dental Practitioner You are advised not to source dental help only when you are in need but regular check-ups can help boost your immunity. Only sourcing oral care from the best dentists can see you through your healthy goals. With massive choices of dentists for you… Read More »

Woman, 41, gives birth to ‘miracle twins’ after beating cervical cancer

Workaholic who battled cervical cancer, 41, gives birth to ‘miracle twins’ – despite doctors warning she may NEVER have children following treatment Rebecca Allen was a ‘workaholic’ didn’t have a smear test for six years  When she was diagnosed in 2017, she had two surgeries to remove cervix tissue It left her at risk of miscarriage… Read More »

Could Your Fitbit Help Detect the Flu?

Jan. 17, 2020 — Wearable activity monitors that also measure your heart rate could one day warn people they might be getting sick with an infection like the flu. Doctors have long known that a higher resting heart rate — the number of times each minute the heart beats while a person is sitting or… Read More »