Home Remedy of the Week: 5 Natural Ways to Beat the Stomach Ache During Menstruation

By | January 19, 2019
Home Remedy of the Week: 5 Natural Ways to Beat the Stomach Ache During Menstruation

Prevent menstrual stomach ache. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

If you have a uterus, you know how painful it is during the periods. The menstruation days have you suffering from severe cramps that seem like to the end of the world. While many people advise medication to curb down period pains, it is not always the right thing to do as it has tonnes of side-effects and isn’t even a permanent solution. However, a few natural home remedies for period pain have known to be quite effective. They don’t only suppress the period cramps but also do not have any effects as it is absolutely natural.

Here are a few home remedies to help curb down period pain that you can try for your next menstrual cycle.


While the thought of it may be a little uneasy, exercising actually works to help relieve period stomach ache. The blood circulation while exercising makes your body release endorphins that help keep the prostaglandins in check and help reduce your menstrual cramps.

Heat packs

Heat always works wonders when it comes to relieving pain. The idea behind heat is that it helps relieves your muscle contractions in your uterus. This remedy will relieve you in only a few minutes and it also really easy to execute. You can use the reusable heat packs or even simply take a bottle filled with hot water and keep it on your stomach area.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tree is known to help curb period pains. The fragrant tea is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that are known to reduce cramps during menstruation. It is also known to reduce prostaglandin production that is also very helpful in the case. Even if you are unable to find chamomile tea sipping on some natural hot tea during periods work


Orgasms do help in a lot of ways. One of the ways is helping relieve period pain. With the increased blood circulation during orgasm, the cramps tend to fade away soon and also help ease your period flow. Orgasm also makes you feel better.

Essential oil massages

Massages help ease out pains and when combined various healthy essential oils the results are great. Essential oils such as lavender, clary sage, holy basil, cinnamon etc. are known to be very useful in terms of reducing period pains.

It is always advisable to prevent taking otc medicine unless your pain gets worse. However, if your pain is unbearable, immediately visit a doctor.

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